Why Amazon Sellers Need To Have a Profitable Off Amazon Website 
Written by Paul Easton on Oct. 28th 2018
Selling your own products on Amazon is a great business for the hands free income once its running. Amazon provides all the traffic and sales for you free of charge, and all you need to do is get in front of it and you can make a large amount of scalable income, almost easier than any other method  

As a result of many people jumping on this as a model. Then what follows is many others creating courses and making big claims about how you choose products and sell on amazon and all parts of selling on amazon.

site note: Due to the flood of these courses, and them all have the same or similar criteria for choosing products which mean a flood of sellers all trying to sell the same thing, sourcing from the same place, at a similar price and that's a race to the bottom selling at the lowest price. Everybody looses...

 However there are few things that are not told:

1. Amazon selling and dealing with the red tape and take months to work out. Support for sellers is not great, as amazons focus is customers, not sellers. Sellers are replaceable.

2. Rules change - Amazon changes the rules all the time, can take your product off, and close your account at any time, and you can get back, with legal help and a good amount of money. In 2018, Amazon removed thousands of product reviews and incomes dropped.
Look at these screenshots:
3. Customer information - You do not get the customer information, which means you cannot sell to them again. What business does not have customers? Amazon is only one channel, a big one, but you should have your own customers, or at least emails of prospective customers to work from.

4. Fees - Amazon does a lot of work to fill your products and they charge at least 20% of the product, more if you store products for a long time. There are constantly adding more fees (sometimes fees on fees!)

So while, you should use Amazon to sell your products, you should have your own off Amazon presence, that also creates sales, effectively another sales channel, to protect yourself from the changes at Amazon that you have little control over. You need your own customers and email lists to build you and your family's income security.

Here is the hard question, if you have a large amount of income coming from Amazon and that stopped tomorrow, would you have to find a job? and quickly.

Paul Easton

Paul Easton helps Amazon sellers build an off Amazon presence. If you are interested in securing your Amazon income with your own customer information for new product launches and reviews then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today
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