Facebook Advertising For Ecommerce: How to Loose A lot Of Money Quickly
Written by Paul Easton on Oct. 21st 2018
I speak to a lot of shopify online store owner who have finished their stores and have used facebook advertising to promote their site.They have quickly found that its not as simple as they thought! 

Here how it goes:

1. Create a Facebook business account
2. Create Ads
3. Spend Money
4. Look at sales created
5. Quickly work out its costing money!
6. Stop advertising
7. Say that Facebook advertising doesn’t work
8. Go and look for something else (maybe Instagram, or some other free social media)

And a lot of business owners do this and loose a lot of money and happens because of misunderstanding of how to make FB advertising work and the type of model.
This requires you to first understand the platform before you get started. I see some companies Facebook Business pages, and the posts are all “buy my product” and “this is what I sell” and this “product is wonderful”etc

Lets look at it like a real human experience, a group of people in a room, would you introduce you self like the way you talk on your FB page? Imagine this: “Hi I sell insurance, would you like to buy some? Really would like to buy, its great product” Would you be walking (or running) away? This is how most Facebook business pages, and even FB ads look like this: they care about themselves, their company and not you.

A better way is to approach this is to give service and educate first. This is why videos do very well on Facebook ads, as they informative and engage. They should be used as your first connection with your possible customer, sharing something of interest to your market. This for the base of a better sales conversation at a later date, if those people are interested in finding out more. After all isn’t this the way you would like to be treated?

So what happens if use Facebook advertising for the cold sale contact right the start?You will pay higher for the contact and have to spend more, still most likely not converting to profitable sales. 
Your approach should let them know your company first and then retarget (show products after the first contact) it’s a lot easier and can be very profitable. We are seeing 5 times (5 dollars back for every dollar spent) return on investment with this process.

It does need to be set up right, or Facebook will continue reach into your pocket and keep taking money. It is also not a set and forget, it needs constant monitoring and changing.

Paul Easton

Paul Easton helps Amazon sellers build an off Amazon presence. If you are interested in securing your Amazon income with your own customer information for new product launches and reviews then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today
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