5 Real Actions You Can Take to Make Your Shopify Site Perform Better.
Written by Paul Easton on Oct. 17th 2018
One of the services I provide is the reviewing of Shopify sites. After spending over 10 years in the online space, I see the same errors over and over that affect conversion of the visitors to sales. 

Now there are lot of technical terms that are thrown around like CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and UX (user experience) which are buzz words used by agencies and they try to tell you what elements you should test to make you website perform better. 

Many times, tools (or services) that focus on this area, tend to look at the little things you can adjust like button colors, placing of newsletter sign ups etc. While helpful, I want to take the picture of the BIG actions you can take action on right now. This takes another more practical approach like:

1.  Get Another Point View - Get someone else to look at the site. It can be friend, or even a relative. Can they see very quickly what you are selling? It should be very obvious at a the very first glance. Think of it like going a product trade show, you walk around and at a single glance you can tell what each stall is selling. You web site should be the same.
Your home page, above the fold (the first view that loads, before you scroll down) should tell the visitor what the site is all about and feature the products you sell.
2.  Make it Quick – How many clicks does it take to get to the products you are trying to sell? As soon as you add more actions, less users will take that step, it’s human nature.
3.  Make it Clean and Clear – There is a reason why Google is the biggest search engine, Its clean and clear. I see many sites using gray text on white, which can be hard to read . Any time communication is slightly difficult, users are going to leave.
4.  Features and benefits – Use point points, to highlight key points and reasons to buy. Users scan, so you need to make it able to be read at a glance. If you are using a large block of text and they will zone out and the result is you will get questions that have been answered in the text of the site or they will just leave.
5.  Clear Order Button – I see this a lot with designer sites, the order button needs to stand out, not blend in the design. It should be button that works with your design, but is a stand out color.

As you can see, many of these points are quite logical and the focus on the one thing: the user. With any type of change you do need to have a benchmark performance before you make any changes. Always measure because, its only when you refer to data to confirm your changes, that you can really see what works. Then you become the guru of what really sells on your site, that’s an invaluable skill that can only be achieved by execution and measurement. Good luck!

Paul Easton

Paul Easton helps Amazon sellers build an off Amazon presence. If you are interested in securing your Amazon income with your own customer information for new product launches and reviews then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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