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About Me

I started my working career in the military and served 20 years. That’s right, I am not a 21 year, native Internet connected, millennial! I actually know the sound of dial up! And have grey hair! I started my Journey online with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and was very proactive. To learn my trade I took every online course I course and I applied it to small niche site believe it or not….Dog clothes – the small cute, furry and fun costumes like these: 


For me it was all about ranking, I taught myself web design (this was pre shopify/wordpress days) I got the site to the top 10 in Google, then I have to understand marketing and getting people to do things! I took massive action learning full out by doing! It was progress, but also a challenging to win with Google and it was the marketing side I really enjoyed I than started working with some small local business owners to help them with their ranking. I really enjoyed this work.

The only downside as being small business owners they didn’t have marketing budgets big enough to be effective, makes really hard when they have a site which was never going to convert to leads, even when I did get it ranking. It’s like the chick and egg concept, where they needed both traffic and conversion and many web designers DO NOT understand this.

Business owners need to know this going in and at least understand the game. Do get a good start, understanding online business

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After this I went looking for larger companies to work with, which I did by working with established digital agency who was working with a large established bricks and mortar company to build out the online presence. This include the uploading of 10,000 product descriptions which I managed with a team of 8. I was asked if I wanted to employ, manage and execute over the whole process. It was outside what I was employed for, but because I really enjoy the industry, I took it on.

I was very pleased that in the second month of going live, the site was making 20K in sales from organic and free search engine traffic,j ust because to way I set up the keyword structure and process. After this project I went on to work at other digital agencies working with the travel industry and with large online ecommerce retail sites, (clients of the agency) has broadened my skills, including paid adwords and analytics focusing on the bottom line profit of the business was my strength. Some of my results include:

  • Taking data analysis from Adwords to assist SEO performance which resulted in a 362.61% increase in organic non branded traffic an 1921% growth in qualified leads for an international travel company.  

  • Working with clients which resulted in consistent increase in organic traffic resulting in a 400% increase within nine months and 1921% growth in qualified leads I thrive on numbers and data, to keep up with the very latest trends.

    While I enjoyed working with agencies, I found that you never really never got to follow through to look at more than just the one element. In my roles I would recommend elements and changes that could have a major effect on the business, but frequently they did not follow through.

    I get attached to producing the best results for the company, sometimes more than they could see themselves…

I then looked at the areas I had been working and noticed that I had done a lot in the analytics area and ecommerce specifically natural health products. I had always been fit and active, doing 13 years in martial arts and working on what I eat, changing to a paleo friendly Diet – this let to ecommerce role in two difference natural health companies and move away from the hustle and bustle of a crowded city (Auckland) Up to 1 and ½ hours in traffic each day.

Having a little girl at home, made me hunt for a better life style, after all, who would want to come home to this:

Looking for healthy life style lead me to move to Papamoa, Tauranga, with 3 Mins to the beach and fantastic weather most of the year, the focus on lifestyle became stronger… After all look at this picture:

Along the way, I had always wanted to build a side hustle that would grow into full time income. After trying affiliate marketing to a small extent and then Google Adsense marketing (which got up to $1000 a month before being hit by a Google slap) I found FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon. It fitted what I wanted, international focus - A real business with large potential and generally 80% passive once its running.

I started after doing a high level Course  (call ASM) - during which time I got of every other marketing course (Lesson here was Focus…I was going headfirst into it)  and I got it up to $20 K a month Dec 2014 – after which I had problems with poor product choice and patent problems. I re aimed with new products, a couple which I did not choose the right ones and had to sell them off to recover some of the investment. This next year was a test for me and pushed me hard and I lost confidence in my own ability.

I had to take a step back, give myself a break and reload. I did this by testing a designer product of my own in a small scale. I got the test product up and only had 300 and it sold out quickly. I did it again with a second version of the product, in a smaller price point and it sold out again. Now that I had proof of concept, I when looking for investment and launched 1700 Items in to Amazon, just ahead of Christmas.

These took of selling almost 50K in around 30 days  - I had found the right concept and also build my own Product launch method. I had also gone through a lot of learning and learnt a lot about myself. The next step was to go full time, which I am working on right now. I love my current job, so I am not in hurry, and it gives me daily freedom to work in eCommerce. It’s just that Freedom, which I look at 3 ways:

1. Health – You have to be healthy, that’s Physical and mental – you need to build strength in both areas and like a muscle you have to work on it.

2. Wealth – Money decided what you do, where you do and also you do it with. I mix with other high level sellers at live events to help myself reach higher levels -these people are positive, happy and successful.

3.  Wisdom – I have always been into self improvement and getting smarter helps to make more better decisions. 

I have put on this site “the Whole Truth” as I see a lot of marketing people telling you what you want to hear and then online business owners having unrealistic expectations. I use a lot of video, main so you can that I am a real person, I have made a lot of mistakes and if I can help a few others avoid the mistakes I made and make a difference in the world, then I will feel of value. It’s not easy, it’s simple but the journey is worth it.

Over the next year, I plan to launch more products and build and outsource work plan, to allow me to look at review other income models and set out a plan to create new income streams.

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